Create intelligent mobility solutions

Our customers expect us to deliver intelligent and environmentally compatible mobility solutions. To this end, we develop attractive financing offerings and services. 

Responsible Lending

Volkswagen Bank GmbH is aware of its responsibility as a lender. For this reason, it signed up to the “Responsible Lending to Consumers” code of conduct in 2010.

This Code, which sets standards for lending, applies to all installments and revolving credits. It is in Volkswagen Bank GmbH’s fundamental interest to grant loans responsibly, since ultimately it wants its customers to be able to pay back what they have borrowed. For this reason, high standards apply to issuing loans to consumers.

The Code provides an overview of these standards and contains a number of consumer-friendly regulations that go beyond the requirements of the law. It covers a total of ten points based on the lending process, from advertising to handling payment difficulties. In addition, by signing the Code, the member institutions commit their companies to assuming social responsibility and to promoting general financial education.


Volkswagen Financial Services supports the increasing electrification of the product portfolio of the Volkswagen Group’s brands by selectively expanding its e-mobility services. The Charge&Fuel card and app developed in conjunction with the Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Audi brands in 2014 for recharging and refueling anywhere in Germany has established itself among e-vehicle customers. In 2015, enhancements were made to the app in particular, and the network of connected charging stations was extended significantly. The service provided to customers still includes standardized electricity tariffs and monthly billing. In combination with the green electricity tariffs also offered by Volkswagen Financial Services (“Volkswagen BluePower” and “Audi Energie”), e-mobility has thus become an even more positive customer experience. 

Mobility Concepts

Global trends and changing social and political conditions are permanently changing the mobility needs of a large number of people. The megatrends toward urbanization, digitalization and sustainability are giving rise to a need for mobility on demand.

In response to these developments, Volkswagen Financial Services has made the issue of new mobility a fixed component of its corporate strategy. With this in mind, we are pushing the development of new mobility services in close consultation with the brands of the Volkswagen Group to ensure that our business model remains viable and to remain able to meet the needs of our customers to the highest degree in the future.