Health and Family

To promote the health of our employees, we continually enhance our holistic healthcare concept with its different areas of action in line with demand. All healthcare management measures are already aligned with demographic developments. We raise awareness of healthcare and healthy living among vocational trainees, specifically tailored to the specific needs and target groups, while also implementing the concept together with HR officers in the respective departments.

One of our most important tools in the area of occupational health and safety is the FS-Checkup, which is available on request to all employees free of charge. This program is based on state-ofthe- art diagnostic procedures: first, the checkup determines the employee’s current state of health and, second, it focuses on promoting and maintaining sustained good health by giving personal advice.

We provide regular information and training to our management staff on health-related topics to enable them to recognize health situations among their employees at an early stage so that measures for the benefit of the employees can be taken as soon as possible. In this way, we encourage health-oriented management behavior.

At Volkswagen Financial Services, great importance is attached to both work and the family. This is why the Company promotes a family-friendly environment and offers a diverse range of initiatives and programs aimed at achieving the right work-life balance.

“Frech Daxe”, the inhouse childcare facility of Volkswagen Financial Services, which is operated by Impuls Soziales Management GmbH & Co. KG, is located very close to the Company’s offices. It has capacity for 180 children and offers flexible hours of care, making it unrivalled in Germany.